Sam Court

I believe that education is still the most important tool an individual can use to create a successful and productive life. It is our job as educators to provide opportunities for all students to inquire, discover, create, engage, and reflect. As a leader, it is my responsibility to create an environment that is safe and nurturing so that students and staff members feel empowered to take risks and pursue our shared goals. Collaboration and communication are key to creating the shared vision of a school and in executing the action steps needed to implement the district and and school plan. I strive to always be learning, collaborating, sharing, and reflecting on my practice, and I believe good leaders can help others share these same experiences.

I currently possess a Bachelors of Science degree in Education and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Literacy. I currently hold a K-12 Principal license, and I plan to finish the requirements for my superintendent's license by the summer of 2017. The ten years of my educational career has been varied. I have taught in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Virginia. I have taught grades 2 through 6, as well as, Title 1. Currently, I am currently an administrative intern at Madison Elementary School in St. Cloud, MN. My goal is to continue to grow in the areas of leadership, curriculum, and instruction in order to become a more effective school principal. I have seen the impact that focused, inspirational teaching can have on students, and I hope to add my skills to a school community of learners in order to help everyone grow.

I invite you to explore my electronic portfolio that I have created to highlight some of the more influential experiences along my path to become a school leader. Use the links on the left to discover some of the varied projects that I was able to be a part of during my coursework and field experience. The philosophy statements provide a context for how I was able to connect my experiences to the leadership, principal, and superintendent competencies. Thank you for taking the time to look through my portfolio, and please contact me if you feel that your district would benefit from my leadership and experience.