For my K-12 principal term project, I took on several different projects. Each project stretched me to become a better leader. Communication was absolutely key in all projects. I learned that leaders must always keep key stakeholders informed and involved in order to make the largest impact.

The first project was a school-wide tree planting day. As the chair of the committee, I oversaw 20 staff, parents, and community members as we developed a plan for engaging students in planting over 20 trees on school grounds and building an outdoor classroom. The budget was $10,000 from a grant written by a school volunteer. The day also involved over 20 volunteers who we recruited from the local Lion's Club as well as other contacts from the community. Additionally, we invited the press to highlight the students' special day in order to share our amazing students' work with the greater community. Finally, we ended the day joined by the mayor and school board members in an all school celebration and a student-guided tour of the grounds.

The second term project was developing an after-school robotics club. Working with two separate grants, one for robotics materials and another for hiring a robotics teacher, I partnered with the local 4-H of Sherburne County to provide robotics classes to fourth and fifth graders after school. I was able to hire our school's science teacher to be the robotics teacher. When planning the club, we recruited our highest achieving students because there was a lack of enrichment experiences that our school offered. I had to collaborate with another after school program in order to provide busing for the robotics students. Finally, the robotics students were able to showcase their robots at our school's spring STEM night. Looking ahead, we are hoping to continue to grow the robotics club in order to begin competing in Lego robot competitions around the state.