I plan to complete the requirements for K-12 principal and superintendent's license through the 6th year certificate program at St. Cloud State University. Previously, I earned a B.A. in elementary education from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and a M.A. in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis in literacy from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas.

Throughout my 11 year career in education, I have been fortunate to have been exposed to a variety of positions and a variety of settings. I have taught grades 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, as well as Title 1. Currently, I am an administrative intern which allows me to work with administrators, teachers, and students in grades Kindergarten through 5 along with Special Education teachers, English Language Learners teachers, and other interventionist staff. Additionally, I have worked in rural and suburban schools, with schools with high diversity, and schools with high poverty as well. Each new school and new role has given me a deeper understanding and connection to the challenges that our students and teachers face each day. I feel that it is my job as a building leader to help all learners take risks and grow as well-rounded twenty-first century citizens.

I feel that I have the skills necessary to become an effective building leader. I have learned the importance of communication and involving all necessary stakeholders in important school decisions. In my current role, I am constantly communicating with teachers and parents through a weekly newsletter, face to face meetings, phone calls, and emails. An effective school leader also needs to model the lifelong learning for students and staff. My most effective professional development happens each day as I write to reflect on my practice, read articles in Educational Leadership, follow blogs from inspirational educators like George Couros, Todd Whitaker and A.J. Juliani. Communication is a cornerstone to an effective building, and I plan to continue to connect and share my thoughts and plans with others.

It is my goal to become an elementary principal or assistant principal in the near future. At this time, I feel that the superintendent license will best serve me as a future principal by providing me with a "big-picture" lens that can help me to always be sure that my school's goals are tied to the district mission. My current role as an administrative intern allows me to experience many of the responsibilities of a school leader, but I look forward to taking the next step in my career as an assistant principal or principal.